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BIOCARE International was established in Sala Bolognese, near Bologna. Here, the founder of BIOCARE International works with passion and dedication to the production and sale of natural based cosmetics. The company grew with big success with the creation of internationally known brands for SPA and beauty centers. Offering high competitive products and professional cosmetic treatments. The exclusive range of products, treatments and rituals was conceived with unique devotion in order to offer effective scientific solutions and long lasting results. The future of beauty is in wellness.
In today's world we are more informed, more discerning, more concerned about real benefits. Skincare must go beyond evoking a sense of luxury, indulgence, and pleasure to produce concrete solutions and clear results. The company offers to its customers a full service, granting professionalism and “Made in Italy”. Italians are well known for having impeccable taste, meticulous attention to detail, and an appreciation for sensual, indulgent experiences. Important collaborations with universities, innovative research laboratories, design studios and eminent professors, allow the company to develop unique treatment methods, effective cosmetic lines and a continuous commercial training.